Vietnam 73

Vietnam 73 is a dark chocolate made out of Trinitario cocoa beans, which are grown in the Mekong delta in Vietnam. This chocolate with 73% cocoa has an unexpected taste: a pronounced acid cocoa taste enriched with citrus, wood and tobacco notes.

Vietnam 73 is the first chocolate made out of cocoa beans from our Cacao-Trace programme. Cacao-Trace is our unique sustainable programme dedicated to partnering directly with farmers and working closely with them. The goal of Cacao-Trace is to secure long-term cocoa production and sustainable development in the whole supply chain, ensuring that chocolate can be enjoyed for many years to come. It not only covers the three pillars of sustainable development – social, environmental and economic – but also quality and traceability requirements.

Better return, traceability and improved productivity and quality are the essential elements of the programme. Cacao-Trace aims to upscale the livelihoods of the farmers by improving the return to farmers and paying them fair prices for their fruits. The programme also provides farmers with agricultural trainings in our Cocoa Development Centre in Ben Tre, which allows them to become more professional and develop an entrepreneurial spirit for future generations. High quality and consistent taste is guaranteed by handling the post-harvest process ourselves. Finally, transparency and traceability are also key components of the programme. Thanks to an internal control system, Puratos is able to trace any progress and thereby guarantee product traceability.

The Trinitario cocoa beans, used in Vietnam 73 chocolate, are cultivated in the Mekong Delta, which hosts most of the cocoa farmers. This region, also known as ‘Little Venice’, is the major cocoa-producing region in Vietnam. The Trinitario variety is grown in small family farms, in between coconut, banana, longan, durian and other fruit trees. Such trees provide enough shade for the cocoa pods to develop properly. The small rivers in the region, that feed into the Mekong river, irrigate the soils. 

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